About WLGO

WLGO is a network of over 350 female graduates and students spanning 27 graduating LGO classes with careers ranging from executives in major multinational companies to independent business owners and entrepreneurs. Between us, we have hundreds of years of experience driving forward our careers, building our families, and growing our communities. For nine years, we have served the LGO MIT community by creating opportunities to network, share ideas, and build relationships.

Led by a Steering Committee of graduates, current students, MIT faculty and staff, WLGO has been serving the mission “LGO Women Enabling LGO Women to Achieve Personal and Professional Success.” Our footprint takes many forms from face to face events across the country, to webinars, Facebook and Linked-in discussions, and one on one conversations. We cover topics such as career management, leadership, serving on boards, work-life balance, mentorship, and more. 

WLGO SC Members Email
Cindy Closkey ccloskey@shiftcollaborative.com
Emily Edwards emily.edwards@sloan.mit.edu
Leigh Hafrey lhafrey@mit.edu
Shafali Hill shafalir@hotmail.com
Josh Jacobs jsjacobs@MIT.EDU
Andrea Jones andrea.sieg.jones@gmail.com
Bonnie Kao bonniekao@Yahoo.com
Stacy Laxton sbergman01@hotmail.com
Alicia Lenus alenis@mit.edu
Melinda Manente manentefamily@gmail.com
Jolene Monson jmonson@mit.edu
Michele Parrish michele@parrishpartners.com
Hollie Schmidt hollie@alum.mit.edu
Elizabeth Ugarph eugarph@mit.edu
Sailashri Parthasarathy sparthas@mit.edu

Interviews of Group Members