San Francisco Face to Face Events

WLGO San Francisco Meet-Up (March 8, 2014)

The first WLGO Bay Area meet-up took place at Foreign Cinema in SF on 3/8/2014, coincident with the International Women Day.  Eight of us met up to exchange tidbits on life after LGO and happenings in LGO.  There were interests to connect offline, since 6 of 8 are based in SF.  We’ve also realized that this allowed alumnae to reach out to earlier and recent graduates.  We teased that this was an atypical table, with all technically-oriented women spanning careers in academia, venture capital, big corporations in high tech and biotech, and operations consulting.  What a microcosm of WLGO community!

The next event is scheduled on April 30 from 6:30-9:00PM in SF (location TBD).  This is a pre-LGO alumni conference event, to take advantage of conference attendance from May 1 – 2.   Please stay tuned for more information from the conference planning committee!         

–        By Bonnie and Annie


Clockwise from bottom left:  Amy Lin (’10), Bonnie Kao (’93), Linda Chao (’93), Rachel Sheinbein (’04), Annie Kang (’12), Dhanya Rangaraj (’13), Tatiana Bonnefoi (’12) and Tamara Buckfelder (’09)