Please Join the National Conversation on Board Diversity

Dear WLGO Members,

You are invited to join the national conversation on board diversity on 11/12/13.   Please see details below.  I encourage you to attend one of the events if you are interested in board opportunities now or in the future, or if you think it simply makes sense for women to be represented appropriated on U.S. company boards.

If you choose to attend, please consider sending me a note about your experience.  We are kicking off our WLGO Women on Boards initiative in November as well, and we will be leveraging learnings from this national conversation to guide our work.


Michele Parrish
WLGO Founder & Chair
LFM/LGO ’95   


On 11/12/13, hundreds of people at events around the country will be talking about board diversity. Will you be at the table? 

Join us on November 12th at events happening throughout the United States to hear dynamic speakers and panelists discuss their experience with board service and learn how you might become involved.

2020 Women on Board (2020 WOB) is a non-profit campaign mobilizing professional women and men from all corners of the country to influence US companies. Our ultimate goal: to increase the number of women on boards of directors to 20% or greater by 2020. 

On 11/12/13, our second annual National Conversation on Board Diversity will educate people about boards and diversity and advocate for change. Our first, on 12/12/12, engaged more than 1400 people at 27 events in 21 cities and thousands more on social media.

The National Conversation events raise important funds for 2020 WOB to support research, outreach and communications. 2020 WOB tracks board diversity with the 2020 Diversity Index, offers diversity transparency with the 2020 Directory, congratulates the “W” winners who are already at 20%, and encourages other companies to add qualified women to their boards. 

For more information and to register for an event, please visit Whether or not you can attend at event, please register your support at, if you believe qualified women deserve a seat at the table.

Can we count on your participation?

Stephanie Sonnabend
Co-Founder and Chair
2020 Women on Boards