Alumnae mentors wanted!

Dear WLGO members,

Thank you for including me in your community!  As you know, I have succeeded Jan Klein as the faculty member responsible for the leadership curriculum.  In that capacity, I teach 15.317, “Leadership and Organizational Change,” and contribute to a wide range of LGO activities outside the classroom.  One of those activities is an alumni mentor matching program.  In the last LGO Newsletter, Josh Jacobs announced our interest in recruiting alumni/ae mentors for the LGO ’14’s, many of whom have expressed interest in drawing on the wisdom of their predecessors in the program.

Will you join us?  The commitment will flex to suit your availability (and the student’s!), and at its best is professionally and personally enriching for both current student and alumnus/a.  If you are interested, do send me e-mail, noting particular fields of interest and possible constraints, at:  The matching will take place later this month; I very much hope to hear from you in the coming days.

Best, Leigh Hafrey